About Us

While at the racetrack as an owner/driver in the sport of Heads Up Drag Racing, many times I noticed the flags waving in the pits promoting that racer’s favorite brand of car or driver. At NASCAR races you would see the infield flying their flags in colorful display of pride. I always wanted to do that too but could never find a vendor selling these items and if I did the price would be out of this world!

Phat Flags was created to help you promote your favorite car brand or driver, with class, at an affordable price! Hang them at home, in the garage, in the basement, hang them in your trailer at the track, hang them using the flag poles offered on this site! The quality of these flags is second to none!

Our crew will be at a track near you, either in the pits or on the midway, promoting our products at affordable prices. In the near future we will be posting the dates and locations on this site.

Having fun in motorsports is what it’s all about (except winning of course, and that’s the most fun!). .

Show everyone who’s number #1

Specials on NASCAR flags will be forth coming. The special will be based on the winner of the NASCAR race that weekend and maybe who should have won! Can’t wait to get that started!

As always your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Contact us at phatflags@aol.com with any questions or comments.